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P.A.D.S. Schedule:

Below is the PADS dinner schedule for 2017-18. If you can help out or have further questions. Please contact our PADS coordinators.

John Orso (815)


Fr. McCormick Council 3880 will continue the worthy tradition started by Brother John L Orso and led for many years by Brothers PGK John M. Orso and Steve Bright. There was some concern earlier after the hosting church and major sponsor were changed. Pioneer Center is the new Sponsor, and the church that we will be serving dinners at is the new Willow Crystal Lake. Linda from Bethany will still assist us in coordinating the serving for a while longer. Our only change, really, is that we do not need to have the food at Willow until between 6:30 and 6:45 PM. Everyone involved at this point thinks this will ease our burden. 

With this, WE NEED YOUR HELP! As the first dinner starts on Sunday, October 28th, we are playing catch-up! Here is the tentative schedule:


Date Provider
12/29/2019 Jim Skaja
1/26/2020 Robert Kosin
2/23/2020 PGK Pat Maguire
3/30/2019 Open
4/26/2020 Dan OConnell


1. Coordinator contacts site Manager regarding menu and the quantity of food needed.

2. KC meal provider purchases groceries. Turn in all receipts to Financial Secretary.

3. Kitchen in parish community room MUST be utilized for meal preparation. Contact PADS coordinator to arrange the use of this facility.

4. Large pots n community room may be used.

5. Meal must be taken to dinner site by 6:30p.m. They have facilities to keep food warm.

6. Meals are served by PADS site personnel. Knights volunteers may assist as needed.

If you would like to assist with any of the other meals, please contact a brother Knight listed above. Also, if you are interested in working one of the PADS shifts or are interested in helping PADS in other ways, please contact our coordinators.