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Fr. McCormick Council 3880 Knights News reflects the unity of our council and all of our brothers. All news and notices are a part of our council and we share in the triumphs, tragedies and hopes for all of us. New for this page are links to Memorabilia needs from our council historian, News Releases, In Memory and a new e-News that reflects the four major sections of our award winning state newsletter.

For more information and previous issues, contact Tim Hicklin. Below are the Newsletters that are available by clicking the links.


KofCJanuary2014 KofCFebruary2014 KofCMarch2014
KofCApril2014 KofCMay2014 KofCJune2014
KofCJuly2014 KofCAugust2014 KofCSeptember2014
KofCOctober2014 KofCNovember2014 KofCDecember2014
KofCJanuary2015 KofCFebruary2015 KofCMarch2015
KofCApril2015 KofCMay2015 KofCJune2015
KofCJuly2015 KofCAugust2015 KofCSeptember2015
KofCOctober2015 KofCNovember2015 KofCDecember2015
KofCJanuary2016 KofCFebruary2016 KofCMarch2016
KofCApril2016 KofCMay2016 KofCJune2016
KofCJuly2016 KofCAugust2016 KofCSeptember2016
KofCOctober2016 KofCNovember2016 KofCDecember2016
KofCJanuary2017 KofCFebruary2017 KofCMarch2017
KofCApril2017 KofCMay2017 KofCJune2017
KofCJuly2017 KofCAugust2017 KofCSeptember2017
KofCOctober2017 KofCNovember2017 KofCDecember2017
KofCJanuary2018 KofCFebruary2018 KofCMarch2018
KofCApril2018 KofCMay2018 KofCJune2018
KofCuly2018 KofCAugust2018 KofCSeptember2018
KofCOctober2018 KCNovember2018 KofCDecember2018
KofCJanuary2019 KCFebruary2019 KofCMarch2019
KofCApril2019 KofCMay2019 KofCJune2019
KofCJuly2019 KofCAugust2019 KofCSeptember2019
KofCOctober2019 KofCNovember2019 KofCDecember2019
KofCJanuary2020 KofCFebruary2020 KofCMaech2020
KofCAprl2020 KofCMay2020 KoCJune2020
KofCJuly2020 KofCAugust2020 KofCSeptember2020
KofCOctober2020 KofCNovember2020 KodCDecember2020
KofCJanuary2021 KofCFebruary2021